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Crafts/Hobbies #

  1. 823.72 USD

    Stool not included. Drawing table. Two piece top. Reference piece. Soft close feature. Earth friendly UV finish. Made from solid maple. Top 30 in. L x 30 in. W.

  2. 399.95 USD

    Includes 850b binocular microscope, binocular head, eyepieces Wide field plan WF10x, plan WF20x and objectives plan WF 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x. Revolving nosepiece 4 objectives. Objective lenses

  3. 479.95 USD

    Includes telescope, eyepieces, tripod and finder scope. Reflector with GoTo function. an be used for planetary and deep-sky observations as well as for astrophotography. Optical design Reflector. Objective

  4. 299.00 USD

    This industry pro young mens' dress form comes complete with stand and rolling base. Available in sizes 36Y, 38Y, 40Y, 42Y, 44Y, 46Y and 48Y. Excellent for industry designers

  5. 2999.00 USD

    Artistic Freedom Frame with Leader Cloths and Laser

  6. 2999.00 USD

    Achieve a professional look with the Laurastar Pulse ironing system, featuring an active board, auto-stop iron, pulse steam, and more. Order online today.

  7. 219.00 USD

    Jiffy PINK J2B affordable garment steamer with specialty brush is five times faster than ironing without scorching or shining.

  8. 899.00 USD offers a superior quality Brother PC420-PRW Project Runway Computerized Sewing Machine at most competitive pricing.

  9. 220.00 USD

    Daylight LED Slimline 3 Floor Lamp Light up large work areas, like your home office, craft room or a living room couch.

  10. 2399.00 USD

    This model is designed with a small radius cylinder bed and a compound feed mechanism. The small radius cylinder bed allows for easy access to sew on such items as

  11. 229.00 USD

    Back and better than ever, the Big Shot Express leaves the crank behind with the push of a button for easy motorized cutting and embossing. Featuring a quiet motor and

  12. 849.00 USD

    The SINGER Futura XL-420 embroidery and sewing machine includes innovative features that allow you to do more than ever before.

  13. 1399.00 USD

    Enjoy the satisfaction of creating your own design while using high quality finishes. Get the most out of your sewing experience with the new Juki HZL-DX series and turn your

  14. 999.00 USD

    Ava embroidery cabinet is specifically made for large and heavy industrial embroidery units or any household embroidery machines, as she has reinforced 1inch thick top to provide stability for all

  15. 209.99 USD

    Experience the effortless one step method to hoop and align heavyweight fabrics. The secret of this magnetic hoop is in the patented design. And now you can have the Snap

  16. 449.00 USD

    This industry pro ladies' dress form comes complete with stand and rolling base. Available in missy sizes 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14 and

  17. 249.00 USD

    Transport your machine safely and in style. Easy glide wheels and metal handle. Low prices, free shipping on qualifying orders.

  18. 379.00 USD

    The iKonix KC series cutters are designed to make your fabric trimming quick and easy. With 6-, 8- and 10-inch blades, the cutters are perfect for mass trimming on a

  19. 790.51 USD

    Includes with boat are two rechargeable batteries wired to deans, charger, balancer and remote. RC boat has two electronic speed controllers one per motor. Motor Double - 775 brushed.

  20. 1399.00 USD

    The 7500BU is the most flexible boiler in our line-up. Because it has 2 solenoid valves, it can support any two steam attachments including irons, steam brushes and steam guns.

  21. 249.95 USD

    Take advantage of that wasted space under your longarm frame by installing My Secret Drawer. Store up to 96 cones of thread or your entire ruler and template collection.

  22. 1499.00 USD

    The Bernina B 530 sewing machine boasts an extensive repertoire of utility and decorative stitches. Purchase this precise and versatile sewing machine today.

  23. 248.75 USD

    Economic organizing solution perfect for work-in-progress. Attractive and sturdy. Easily mobile with swivel carpet casters provides a multitasking workspace. Grandstand design with square tubes for trouble-free removal of contents. Made

  24. 399.00 USD

    Koala chair fabric color is Sapphire with African Ebony wood base. The furniture finish matches most teak sewing machine cabinets.

  25. 999.00 USD

    The 7360RB-2 Consew Sewing Machine contains a variety of features the include, but not limited to Ultra High Speed, Single Needle, Drop Feed, Lockstitch Machine.

  26. 749.00 USD

    Order the Artistic Suite Version 7 that contains a wide variety of amazing features and functions including cutwork, true type font conversion, and more.

  27. 349.00 USD

    This professional ladies' dress form comes complete with stand and rolling base. Available in Missy sizes 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12. Excellent for students, customers and

  28. 245.60 USD

    High quality image and resolution. Close observational range of focus. High power built-in infrared illumination. Ergonomic design and quick power-up. 1/4 socket for tripod accessories. Lightweight and durable composite

  29. 1199.00 USD

    Expand your craft space with the Emu from Kangaroo Kabinets. The Emu offers a 24 x12 opening with an airlift so that you can easily adjust your sewing machine.

  30. 599.99 USD

    The Cordless Freedom is quiet and powered by 44-volt lithium ion battery, 312-watt motor and up to 50 minutes of vacuuming per charge . Built with metal in all the

  31. 219.99 USD

    This durable machine will handle your most demanding bag-closing jobs safely and efficiently. Order the Feiyue GK26-1A handheld bag closer machine online today.

  32. 399.00 USD

    Koala chair fabric color is Mocha with American Walnut wood base. The furniture finish matches most teak sewing machine cabinets.

  33. 295.00 USD

    Transport your sewing machine safety. Metal handle, wheels for easy use. Low prices, free shipping on qualifying orders.

  34. 229.00 USD

    Make all your sewing projects a breeze with this Singer commercial serger. The Singer 14CG754 features flatlock, rolled hem stitches and more! Order online today.

  35. 2949.00 USD

    Consew 199R-2A is a single-needle, drop-feed, zig-zag lockstitch machine with a horizontal axis transverse rotary hook, reverse feed, and combination zig-zag and straight stitch function.

  36. 845.85 USD

    Designed to be used in almost any environment. Applicable for a variety of room settings ranging from art and general planning to sewing and model construction. 1.25 in. almond laminate

  37. 379.00 USD

    Purchase the BEST Commercial Steamer in the industry Jiffy J-4000I

  38. 2340.00 USD

    Single needle, high-speed narrow cylinder-arm lockstitch machine, unison-feed needle-feed drop-feed with alternating presser feet , large horizontal rotary hook and reverse feed.

  39. 699.00 USD

    View the feature rich and value priced Necchi EX60 sewing machine at

  40. 823.72 USD

    Stool not included. Drawing table. Two piece top. Reference piece. Soft close feature. Earth friendly UV finish. Made from solid maple. Top 30 in. L x 30 in. W.