Gfg Instrumentation 2801-26-001, Cc 28 2-Butanon (Mek) Gas Transmitter

Gfg Instrumentation 2801-26-001, Cc 28 2-Butanon (Mek) Gas Transmitter

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GfG Instrumentation, 2801-26-001, CC 28 2-Butanon (MEK) Fixed Gas Transmitter without Display Features: Full featured smart transmitter for combustible gas measurement Non-intrusive Autocal calibration Expected sensor life of 5 years Increased safety design to reduce installation cost in potentially hazardous locations ATEX EEx dem [1b] IIC T4 Proprietary, high performance combustible gas sensor Available in three configurations: Blind (no display)/Display/Display with local alarms In areas where combustible gas or vapor hazards my exist, GfG's new CC 28 combustible transmitter is the perfect choice for reliable area monitoring


A flexible cable connects the remote control to the transmitter and displays the same reading as the display on the transmitter

Several combustible gases are lighter than air

The remote control for the CC 28 allows you to perform calibration or zero adjustments without the need of a ladder or lift

The sensor and the integrated temperature compensation provide for the highest measurement accuracy.

This superior design provides warning for immediate personnel, and ensures entire plant safety

With its proven design, this ATEX certified transmitter offers an integrated explosion-proof buzzer and bright alarm LEDs for reliable warning of combustible gas hazards even in hazardous locations

With the remote control inspection, service and calibration can be performed easily by one person

With the transmitter mounted close to the ceiling, calibration can be difficult