Gfg Instrumentation G450-11410, G450 Data Logging Gas Detector

Gfg Instrumentation G450-11410, G450 Data Logging Gas Detector

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GfG Instrumentation, G450-11140, G450 Waterproof Data Logging Gas Detector with LEL, O2 , CO, H2S Sensors, Alkaline Includes: G450 detector LEL, O2 , CO, H2S Sensors Charger (if specified) Calibration Adapter Manual Informational CD Features: Compact and robust 1-to-4 sensor design CSA and Ex certified INMETRO certified MSHA Approved version available Interchangeable battery packs for up to 25 hours continuous operation Motorized pump operable in diffusion or sample-draw mode Highly water resistant (IP 67) Water resistant design The G450 is compact, robust and very easy-to-use


Datalogging Standard All G450 instruments are equipped with datalogging

Easy operation The G450 keeps gas detection simple

GfG AutoCal reg programming automatically makes the adjustments, and updates the information in the instrument's on-board memory

Loud audible and bright visual alarms warn users of dangerous conditions The G450 includes an extremely loud audible alarm 103 dB at 12 inches , built-in vibrator and bright wrap-around LED alarm lights visible from every direction

Monitoring results can be downloaded to a PC for viewing, storage and evaluation

Most day-to-day functions are controlled with a single button, and calibration is fully automatic

Motorized sampling pump The field attachable motorized pump is powered by its own alkaline or rechargeable battery pack

Readings can be quot zoomed quot or quot flipped quot at the push of a button to make it even easier to see your monitoring results

Rechargeable battery packs equipped with optional quot flash light quot LEDs

Simply attach the adapter and flow gas to the sensors

The datalogger records gas concentrations and alarms on a moment-to-moment basis

The dust proof and highly water resistant IP-67 housing is designed to survive the toughest environmental conditions

The housing even includes a built-in rubberized boot to withstand the hard knocks of confined space entry

The powerful diaphragm pump is equipped with an on / off shutter that allows the instrument to be used in diffusion mode even while the pump is attached.

The top-mounted display changes color from green, to orange to red just like a traffic signal to help communicate the severity of the hazardous condition

The top-mounted, full graphics LCD includes a built-in backlight for use in the dark

Top-mounted display easy to read even in the dark Whether it's worn on your belt or held by hand, the G450 is easy to read

Up to 25 hours continuous operation G450 battery packs deliver up to 25 hours of continuous operation