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Measuring Devices And Instruments #

  1. 339.99 USD

    Chattanooga Hydraulic Dial Gauge Hand Dynamometer is designed to evaluate strength for hand and finger rehabilitation. It gives accurate grip strength readings without being able to feel the handle move.

  2. 207.99 USD

    B L Pinch Gauge is known as the Gold Standard in pinch strength Key, Tip and Palmar measurement. It is used by physicians and therapists in

  3. 1129.99 USD

    Baseline Load Cell Manual Muscle Testers is perfect for muscle strength measurement, job task analysis and functional capacity evaluation FCE . The electronic push-pull dynamometer uses state-of-the-art load-cell

  4. 399.99 USD

    Jamar Monofilaments are used to measure diminishing and returning sensation.

  5. 269.99 USD

    WEST Weinstein Enhanced Sensory Test Monofilament Hand Evaluator uses five monofilaments to measure skin sensitivity and determine peripheral nerve involvement. These monofilaments provide reliable test results with textured

  6. 392.99 USD

    Jamar Medical Skinfold Caliper offers standard pressure for measuring skinfolds in nutrition, fat distribution, children's grown, anthropometry and other applications. It uses spring-loaded caliper arms. The handgrip is contoured and

  7. 409.75 USD

    B L Three Piece Hand Evaluation Kit contains all the necessary instruments needed for hand evaluation. The grip strength is measured by hydraulic hand dynamometer and pinch strength by the

  8. 359.99 USD

    Jamar On Call Clinician Evaluation Kit provides an all in one evaluation kit most often used by therapists. The evaluation kits comes with nine evaluation tools which can all be

  9. 732.99 USD

    Mckesson Hand-Held Doppler Unit Lumeon Obstetrical Probe 2 MHz McKesson LUMEON Hand Held Doppler Unit with DisplayFull-display, hand-held dopplers with superior sound quality, extended battery life, enhanced probe sensitivity

  10. 260.85 USD

    ExpressAire Reusable Luer Lock Tourniquet Leg Cuff comes with a softer more flexible hose for easy handling and reduced stress at hose-to-cuff connection. It features adhesive for superior tensile strength

  11. 335.90 USD

    Jamar Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer is ideal for routine screening of grip strength and initial and ongoing evaluation of clients with hand trauma and dysfunction. It has adjustable handle that allows

  12. 670.50 USD

    Newman Medical DigiDop Display Digital Doppler is a hand-held doppler with digitally optimized processing DOP . It is useful in noise reduction technology and powerful autocorrelation techniques to calculate

  13. 2995.00 USD

    Edan F6 Fetal Monitor is a high end hospital grade monitor designed for multi-bed units with central station yet simple enough for private practice. It offers the most advanced integrated

  14. 339.99 USD

    Chattanooga Hydraulic Dial Gauge Hand Dynamometer is designed to evaluate strength for hand and finger rehabilitation. It gives accurate grip strength readings without being able to feel the handle move.